I’ve always been a generalist because I’m interested in everything. That’s why I’m as comfortable writing about the working life of a female rabbi as I am interviewing surgeons, reporting on cross-border security, or writing about favourite children’s books (all stuff I’ve covered).

I write about the way we live, and cover women’s issues, family life, culture, fertility/pregnancy, science, health, psychology, food, relationships, travel, business and more. Parenting, neonatal healthcare/special needs, books, crafts and science are the main (disparate!) areas in which I specialise.

Over the years, I’ve dissected my obsession with The Hills for Sunday Times Style  and I’ve reported on child beauty salons for The Observer’s home news desk, as well as uberfans who queue for days for Guardian Weekend. For the Sunday Telegraph Stella, I’ve investigated women’s issues from asexuality to why dieting doesn’t work. I’ve interviewed people from Toni Weschler for Times Weekend to food artists for Stella, and gone backstage at a ballet competition for You. I’ve tried out a Mooncup for Style and asked why adults love In The Night Garden for Parentdish. I’ve written on Great Ormond Street for T2 as well as on my son’s fetal surgery for the Times magazine. I’ve investigated Brontëmania for the Telegraph and genealogy holidays for Psychologies and written extensively for Red on everything from the rise in baby bling to why no-one’s original anymore. I have also written a regular anonymous column about special needs.

I like to write funny pieces, and I also like to report on issues which are underrepresented in the media. Writing about books is always a joy, too – some examples of my children’s book column are here and here; I have also been the cookbook and craft book reviewer for

In these pages you’ll find a very small selection of my features on everything from family life to the way we live.

Sometimes there isn’t an online link, I’m afraid.

It’s also worth knowing that quite often I write under a pseudonym (including a whole column at one stage) and these articles are not linked to on this site.

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