Health & science

I’ve written on a huge variety of health and science issues – from Down’s Syndrome testing (for The Guardian) to insomnia (for Sunday Times Style) to revolutions in cardiac surgery (for Medtronic Eureka) to the new technology hunting down child abuse predators (for VICE).

In particular, I’m so passionate about the experiences of patients and the work that medical staff do. As a mother of a child born with a medical condition who has spent a lot of time in hospital across various departments, I have a special interest in issues relating to perinatal health, children’s health and disability. My work in this area includes, for example, reports on fetal medicine for The Telegraph and Times magazines, and interviewing a neonatal surgeon for the Sunday Times. I also wrote a regular column about children with special needs for AOL’s

Psychology is another area I specialise in. I’ve reported on adult women with eating disorders for Red and Observer Woman; found out what happens when a doctor admits to mental illness for The Sunday Times Style, and spent a week asking for what I want for Red.

I also write on all aspects of women’s health. Fertility; pregnancy; hormones; periods; motherhood – you name it; I’ve probably covered it! I’ve investigated what on earth a Mooncup is for The Sunday Times Style, I’ve blogged about the weird postpregnancy body changes no -one prepares you for for, I’ve reported on whether we know too much or too little about our health for Red and I’ve interviewed fertility guru Toni Wescher for The Times Weekend.

As a copywriter, I’ve written over a dozen health features for the NHS website on everything from how to stop smoking to childhood vaccinations to overcoming anxiety and accessing therapy. And for the likes of BMI Healthcare and The Prudential, I’ve written patient information on conditions from cancer to hypertension to gout to allergies. For over a year I wrote regularly for diabetes magazine Sweet (now sadly closed) on all things relevant to people with diabetes.



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