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MOTHER’S PRIDE — The Oxford Times

In my August family column I wrote about the joys of punting and tried out a Little Kickers class.

MOTHER’S PRIDE — The Oxford Times

For the June issue, a column about the life lessons I hope my children will learn which took me too long, and a rather disastrous first trip to the ballet for my daughter

MOTHER’S PRIDE — The Oxford Times

In the past 24 hours alone, my children have asked me questions including: “What is bone made of?”, “What do octopuses do?”, “Why is the sky blue?” and “What is the sound barrier?” To my shame, I find it hard to answer such questions – but luckily there’s a new children’s class which bridges the […]

MOTHER’S PRIDE — Oxford Times

MOTHER’S PRIDE — The Oxford Times

It was a bit like One Born Every Minute, except in a barn filled with people and without all the screaming.

Mother’s Pride — The Oxford Times

In my February column: my feminist guilt over how my daughter’s ballet lessons melt my heart; and how to hold onto precious memories of your children’s early years.

MOTHER’S PRIDE — Oxfordshire Limited Edition

SANTA IS COMING… — Oxfordshire Limited Edition

This month’s column for The Oxford Times’ magazine is about the top toys my children want waiting under the Christmas tree this year. Here are a couple of pictures that weren’t used in the final piece, one of the gorgeous Christmas jumpers from Jojo Maman Bebe I mentioned, and also this cute organic cotton sleep […]


In my column on Oxfordshire family life for November – a review of a kids’ cookery class with Jericho Kitchen, and can you answer my son’s questions about Santa?  


This month, my Mother’s Pride column celebrates the 30 years since the launch of Oxfordshire Limited Edition. I wrote about how the way today’s parents were brought up in the 1980s seems pretty old school now. Our generation has seen new trends for better and for worse – and trends that are downright bizarre…

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