Through my work as a writer for Oxford Today, I’ve been working on a wonderful project for Brasenose College, Oxford – interviewing some of its distinguished fellows about their extraordinary work and careers. Along the way I’ve been privileged to learn about quantum computing, the philosophy of physics, the alien nature of Roman poetry, gene editing, the politics of conflict and much more.

Please click on the links below to read some of my interviews.

Detecting the Tiniest Things in the Universe
BNC’s Senior Kurti Fellow, Professor of Particle Physics Daniela Bortoletto, on her big experiments to find ultra-small particles

The Quantum Computing Game
BNC’s Prof. Jonathan Jones is fascinated by the strange puzzles of quantum computing

The Delicate Art of Editing Genes
BNC’s Conrad Nieduszynski explains his role in some incredible advances in genomics

Making Literature Come to Life
BNC’s Simon Palfrey, Professor of English Literature, on his imaginative reinvention of literary criticism

Crossing Between Two Worlds
Birke Häcker, Professorial Fellow in Law at BNC and Linklaters Professor of Comparative Law, explains how she discovered the beauty of comparative law

When Politics Isn’t Simple Anymore
We’re living in a new era of conflict, says Professor Andrea Ruggeri, Tutorial Fellow in Politics at BNC, and Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods in International Relations at Oxford’s Department of Politics and International Relations.

The Magic of Metaphysics
Christopher Timpson, Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at Brasenose and CUF Lecturer in the Faculty of Philosophy, tells us why modern physics needs philosophy – and vice versa