Events and subjects I talk about

8 June 2020: Perinatal Medicine 2020, London

At this conference run by the British Maternal & Fetal Medicine Society, the British Association of Perinatal Medicine and The Neonatal Society, I’m honoured to be speaking about the neonatal experience for parents.

Subjects explored in The First Breath which I am happy to speak about (in no particular order):

  • Having a child with a disability / special needs
  • Mothers’ emotions in NICU / foetal medicine unit and maternal mental health, especially mothers of disabled or sick children
  • The long-term impact of neonatal care on the child and family / life after NICU / post traumatic stress and the neurodevelopmental impact on the child
  • Being a foetal medicine patient / having a high-risk pregnancy
  • The neonatal unit experience
  • Having a child with a genetic condition, and the diagnosis experience
  • Parents’ experience of paediatric surgery
  • Having a child with a congenital heart defect / the experience of open heart surgery for families
  • The history of foetal, neonatal and paediatric medicine
  • The patient / doctor relationship
  • The female patient’s experience of medicine / feminism and motherhood / feminism in the NICU
  • Noonan syndrome and the rasopathies
  • Neurodevelopment: autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, special needs of the NICU graduate