As the mother of a son born prem who spent his first five months in neonatal care, I have wanted to write an article about the longterm effects, and the amazing research being done in this field, for some time, and here it is. It’s ended up coming out on my son’s birthday, which is an odd coincidence.

I feel I have to clarify that the piece I wrote and filed was dramatically edited by the newspaper. What I wrote and filed (and intended) was a serious piece about the longterm effects of prematurity and the latest EPICure study. My piece included balanced information and quotes about the findings of the EPICure study, in particular the very positive outlook for people born prem, and I was keen to stress the many people born prem who grow up with no problems at all (including one particular case study showing this), and also how well others who have had problems go on to do as they grow up. Much of what I wrote was edited out, and/or completely rewritten in places, to make it more ‘Daily Mail’, and I had no control over the headlines.