BEYOND TEMPTATION — The Sunday Telegraph (Stella Magazine)

It’s 10.30am in Sophie Boss’s living-room, and with the coffee she’s serving a rich, home-made chocolate and pistachio cake.

As she and her sister Audrey, two fortysomething mothers from north London, tuck into their slices there’s no chuckling of ‘Ooh, naughty us’, no trace of guilt and no longing glances at the rest of the cake on the table.

What exactly are they thinking, I ask. ‘It’ll be nice to have a piece of cake, that’s what,’ says Audrey. ‘And I thought, “Yay, she’s brought cake,”’ says Sophie. ‘I haven’t had breakfast yet so I’m quite looking forward to this.’


For many women presented with cake, things aren’t quite this simple…

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